Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Here’s a little bit about me. I could give you the entire CV but that would probably bore you to tears so I’ve just included the relevant bits below. If you need more info you can look me up on LinkedIn or ask me. I look forward to connecting!

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I love to see people tap in to their brilliance. Often we can’t see it ourselves and it takes an outsider to notice it. I mentor business owners to gain clarity, build a foundation that ensures their business is based on solid ground. There is accountability to goals so that they can move forward, do what they love and make an impact on our precious planet. 


I ran my own mentoring & networking organisation, for 16 years before acquisition in 2015.  I’ve written widely about networks & personal branding for over 15 years, developed national training programs, contributed to books, and been interviewed many times. I love to transform how people define themselves, build networks & communities.


I’ve worked in major corporates, newspapers, business chambers, and my own business. I hold a Masters degree in Marketing, freelance as a consultant and have worked from solo right up to multi-million dollar enterprises such as international resorts, import/export businesses, schools & universities, retail, wholesale & energy projects.  

Some of the places I have appeared:

A few fun moments


At Network Central we ran three live events in two states, two webinars and one workshop every month. We also ran a mentoring program every year for up to 25 pairs and a number of special ad-hoc events including member lunches and Christmas events. Running this network was pure joy and the people within it were nothing short of superstars. It was a bittersweet moment releasing this beauty to her new custodians, and relinquishing her name, on her 16th birthday but she had grown up and it was time for me to move on.


I worked on the launch of the Australian Made campaign with its famous green and gold logo as well as the training program for the introduction of GST. I also loved managing the NSW500 conference that researched and brought together the founders of the top 500 private companies in NSW.


 I’ve done a lot of speaking and training about networks, personal branding, small business, leadership and resilience over the years. I’ve enjoyed working with many schools, associations and businesses such as KPMG,  NRMA, Westpac, The Property Council, Macquarie University, Women in Strata, Women in Politics, Dept of State and Regional Development, Barker College and many others.

We have supported many wonderful charities such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, World Vision, RSPCA, Lifeline, Animals Australia, Mission Australia, OzHarvest and Plan Australia.

I’ve also sat on a bunch of awards panels over the years and a couple of advisory boards. I’ve been involved in countless start-ups, launched products, written business plans up to IPO launch, and love the process of nurturing an idea to become something truly great.


How I can help you

unravel from the overwhelm

I know, first-hand, how overwhelming life and business can be. Stress can make you sick. It took me a long time to unravel and I learned a lot in the process. Let me help you rise again.


You can change your future through the company you keep. Period. Let me show you how and guide you through the process of creating a system that attracts ideal people to you.

give you a solid foundation

Get strategic about your business. Build a plan for the future and create a foundation that works. Fall in love with your business again, even if you have been around for years.

One of the warmest and most delightful professional women I have met, Kim is a talented, passionate and dedicated advocate for helping others succeed in business and in life. Her deep commitment to making a difference shines through and she shares her knowledge, insights and wisdom with great generosity. Kim is also an avid technology enthusiast and is always exploring, embracing and implementing leading edge technology solutions to deliver the best service to her clients and members. I highly recommend Kim and her work.

Julie Bennett

Director, Epic Nomad TV

Thank you Kim for another fantastic Network Central event last Thursday. Congratulations! As I looked around I couldn’t help wondering how may people attending appreciate just how many successful events you have brought to life, and over such a long time. You are a marvel! You add incredible value to the lives of all the people you have hosted.

Noelene Dawes


Having partnered with Kim on NRMAs mentoring program, I would not hesitate to recommend. She has been an absolute delight to work with and has a very down to earth approach with a real ability to connect very quickly and authentically. NRMA has proudly partnered with Network Central for the past 10 years with great success in matching our high potential talent with external mentors. Thanks for the great work Kim!

Agnes Commys


Kim is an incredibly generous, open, caring and smart woman. She’s an innovative thinker, an inspiring leader and provides forums where people are able to connect at a deep and meaningful level. This is not superficial networking to gather cards; it’s purposeful connections that enhance my life both personally and professionally. If you want to experience networking at a different level come to events where Kim is the director.

FIona Pearman

Director, Brand Illumination

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