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Don’t swim alone. Overwhelm is a productivity killer and prevents you from moving forward. Often the barriers are the ones we can’t see ourselves. Get clear and on purpose through deep exploration, unwavering support and accountability and remove the blocks that hinder your success. 

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Be known for your expertise, and build an elegant and manageable asset library that works to attract your ideal client and valuable networks. Learn how to start the flow of opportunity with ease so that your business and influence grows exponentially.

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I work with business owners to build a strong foundation from which business can grow. Together, we unravel the overwhelm to reveal your true identity and brand voice. We build a solid plan, compelling offer and the right network for both you and the business, without the hustle and feeling like a fraud. We build your brand and asset library so that you never have to fumble for words or clients again.

Throughout my career I have worked with thousands of companies and had deep insight into well over 500, from micro businesses to multi-national firms. I treasure the uniqueness and brilliance of each one and the humans who work within them. I bring lessons from all of them into my work today.

I am also highly intuitive and am known for cutting through the BS and seeing the gold in people, businesses and ideas. I know I can help you gain clarity and move forward, and I’m honest enough to tell you when I can’t. You and your business deserve the very best foundation from which to grow and I’d love to help you build that. Click the link below and let’s have a conversation.

Kim McGuinness

Kim McGuinness

Director, Centrum Events Pty Ltd

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To say Kim has extended a lifeline to Boogie Books is an understatement!”

She has stopped us sinking into the abyss – one considered step at a time. Her thoughtfulness in fully interpreting my ability / lack of ability has meant each to-do step is manageable and achievable. With a huge dollop of focus on very personal development in areas such as self-esteem and self-belief, she ensures that at the end of each power session, I am unwittingly armed with an incredible list which is driving me forward, yet I honestly believe I can do this! It is exciting to be lifted from the quietness of my own office, to a safe place where I can articulate my dreams and visions for the future, and have a sounding board with responses richly peppered with industry experience, powerful insights and genuine concern. Thank you Kim – this is fun!

Emma MacTaggart

Director, Boogie Books Pty Ltd

Over recent months, Kim has helped me transform my business into a vital service and powerful tool for East/West and Asia-focused businesses. Her coaching really hit the mark, and helped me enormously. Kim has a wealth of experience, so all her suggestions were helpful. It was so reassuring to work with someone so professional – I was no longer wasting time or effort on things that weren’t important. She is also very empathetic – her advice was just right for me, for my goals, for my business. Kim is an inspirational leader, mentor, coach and business woman. She is totally professional, much respected. She is also generous and caring – such rare qualities for a successful entrepreneur.

Claire Pisani

Director, Culture Confidence

It has been a wonderful experience engaging with Kim in her mentoring program. She is down to earth, engaging and insightful, with a real understanding of her field. Her wealth of experience lends to a keen perspective and understanding of corporate situations and the ability to navigate them, with her observations and recommendations for handling situations as well as for building a personal brand being astute and savvy. Always honest with feedback, she provides a logical and pragmatic perspective delivered with empathy and understanding. She is an extraordinarily motivating force and support as you navigate the complexities of modern business and the intricate levels of networking and interaction required. She has provided me with tools to further develop my personal brand and extend my voice so that I may build on my career with conviction and direction. It has been a pleasure working with Kim and I look forward to continuing with her, as well as recommending her to anyone seeking to advance their own career with a knowledgeable and understanding mentor.

Tricia D'Costa

Financial Controller, Natixis Investment Managers

In a relatively short space of time Kim has helped me accomplish a range of smaller practical tasks, as well as map out my longer term vision. There is nothing that seems too daunting for Kim as she has probably already mastered it herself, and if not, she will find a lateral solution to any challenge. Kim has a wonderful ability to simultaneously grasp a multitude of situations, yet keep focused on the key issues to achieve optimal success. I also appreciate her fair yet quick thinking and creative approach to problem solving. I find this really helps me stay motivated, as well as maintain my momentum. I have already recommended Kim as a trusted and high level mentor to my close network and feel privileged to learn from her wealth of knowledge and experience. The first time I saw Kim in action at one of her Network Central events I remember thinking she was such a breath of fresh air within the women’s networking field. She is a rare combination of intelligence, humility, determination, warmth, motivation and vision. Despite having achieved so much in her life, both professionally and personally, she remains so accessible and generous with her time. Serendipitously, as I was seeking a mentor to help guide my growing Mama Creatives community I attended Kim’s final Network Central breakfast where she announced her plans to focus on other things. You can call it fate or stars aligning, but I see this opportunity to have Kim as my mentor my secret weapon and know with her experience, expertise and just being on my side I will achieve my Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and beyond.

Anna Kellerman

Founder and Chief Mama, Mama Creatives

I’m loving your Networking course. Such valuable information. The program has highlighted areas I’m working on now to further improve and develop. I really enjoyed the Master Plan lesson and the workbook is incredibly powerful for developing a successful networking strategy.

Debra Sinclair

Director, Liquid Mango Consulting Pty Ltd

I reached out to Kim when I finally realised that after running a business for 15 years I couldn’t get any further on my own. I had become stuck in a rut. I was spinning in circles as I had more and more to do, yet seemed to be getting less and less accomplished. Kim helped me untangle the messy ball of string that my brain had become. First and foremost Kim listens. Every month she listens to me download. Her guidance and support helps me to develop and implement clear, manageable strategies to move forward. She makes me accountable.

Each month she provides feedback, advice and the occasional well needed kick up the pants to get moving. Her knowledge and understanding in the areas of marketing and technology are in depth and this information has assisted me greatly. Kim is professional, warm, kind and is passionate about bringing out the best in people. It is a pleasure working with her.

Sasha Boe

Director, Real Estate Training Services (RETS) Pty Ltd

In the past months, Kim has been helping refine my business vision and business development strategies, and I’m really appreciating the insight and value she has already added to our business and for our media skills training package. Sometimes, it takes an outsider to really provide clarity on what needs to happen and how! Thank you Kim, your mentorship rocks!

Julianne Dowling

Director, Asset PR Pty Ltd

Relationships are key in life… It’s all about who you know! I was very fortunate to meet Kim McGuinness through her networking and mentoring work and it has been a blessing to receive her guidance. She has incredible experience, deep knowledge and a true passion for helping people connect, learn and share. I truly admire her authenticity, genuine care for others and ambition. She knows how to nurture her relationships and she guides others to do the same. With Kim’s support, I have grown a strong and reliable network which has become a source of personal and professional development. I’m very grateful for her support and I would highly recommend her work.

Kim Larochelle

General Manager, The Helmsmann Project

Isn't it time to finally move forward?

Build the foundation for your business that gives you clarity, gets you connected and gives you confidence in your brand. This leads to more interest in your offer, more referrals and brand assets that bring customers. This is the work that must be done before you start promoting, buying ads or speaking on stages. This is the work that can revitalise a struggling business and give it a rock-solid base to build on. This is the work that helps you build solid brand assets that will bring business to you for years, without hustling on social media.

This work is the result of managing three large business networks, years of mentoring, writing hundreds of business plans and training thousands of corporate employees and business owners. It is the result of noticing the difference between the businesses (of all sizes) that succeed and those that just limp along. And hey, I get it, I understand the constant issue of never having the time to focus on your own stuff! I truly understand why the proverbial plumber has leaky taps at home! However, if you build the foundation properly, people are attracted to your offer and the marketing becomes so much easier, even enjoyable!

Book a free 30 minute phone call where I will show you what a difference a solid foundation can make and how to start creating one that truly supports you to achieve your goals. Curious?